Thursday, March 8, 2012

Made a few changes to the KONY poster all over Facebook.

I've been following Sudan for some years now, alarmed by the horrors and the inconsistent message by our government and media. The US wouldn't get involved in the massacre there while giving similar excuses for protecting life when it justified pre-emptive attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, as war with Iran approaches under the leadership of our "Progressive" President, a new campaign suddenly surfaces, and within literally a couple of hours, the media is choosing to run with it. When it moves this quick, there's something pushing it. I wanted to make sure we weren't forgetting about all the Iranian children who's lives may not be taken the same as those at the hands of Kony, but who are sure to be taken once we invade and watch from the comfort of our living rooms.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I was inspired by the new Obama 2012 "I got his back" campaign PR material

I wish I could be an Obama supporter like I was up until his 2008 Presidential campaign, when he began making moves that laid serious doubt in my mind about who he said he was.